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USB - Books and Links

USB Complete (Third Edition)
by Jan Axelson

ISBN: 1931448027

If you buy just one book on USB then choose this one.


USB Mass Storage: Designing and Programming Devices and Embedded Hosts
by Jan Axelson

ISBN: 1931448043

Another great book from the same author


USB Implementers Forum

This is the official site of the developers of USB. All the important specifications can be found on this site. This is also the place to purchase your own VID. The developers forum here is a good place to get your questions answered. (But try to read up on the basics first.)


Microchip Forum

If you want to develop a USB device using a PIC micro-controller you should join this forum for interesting discussions.


MQP Electronics

Manufacturer of the popular Packet-Master Series of USB Bus Analysers and USB Generators.


Lakeview Research

A mine of information on all aspects of USB development. Well worth a visit.


The Video Class Specification

UVC V1.0

Important Note: The link above allows you to download an obsolete version (V1.0) of the USB Video Class specification released in September 2003. For the latest specification please visit the official USB Implementers Forum site. The reason we are hosting, for reference only, this obsolete version here is that the USB-IF site only has the new specification and it appears that the Windows implementation is based on this older one. Our reading of the licence conditions in the document lead us to believe that distribution of the document is acceptable and it has been put here in good faith, but we are fully prepared to remove this link if any connected party has an objection.

UVC V1.0a

As above but V1.0a (2004 version with FAQ Rev 1.0c).